Books on ecopedagogy by Greg

Ecopedagogy: Critical Environmental Teaching for Planetary Justice and Global Sustainable Development

2020, Bloomsbury

in series: Bloomsbury Critical Education (Peter Mayo)

Misiaszek argues that ecopedagogies grounded in critical, Freirean pedagogies construct learning that leads to human actions geared towards increased social and environmental justice and planetary sustainability. Throughout the book he discusses the need for teaching, reading, and researching through problematizing the causes of socio-environmental violence, including oppressive processes of globalization and constructs of “development”, “economics”, and “citizenship”, to name a few, that emerge from socio-historical oppressions (e.g., colonialization, racism, patriarchy, neoliberalism, xenophobia, epistemicide) and dominance over the rest of nature. Misiaszek concludes with ecopedagogies’ challenges within the current post-truth era and possibilities of reimagining UNESCO’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Book Review: International Studies in Sociology of Education journal by David Yisrael Epstein-HaLevi

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Educating the global environmental citizen: Understanding ecopedagogy in local and global contexts

2018, Routledge (Taylor & Francis)

in series: Critical Global Citizenship Education (Carlos Alberto Torres)

Misiaszek examines the (dis)connection between critical global citizenship education models and ecopedagogy which is grounded in Paulo Freire’s pedagogy. Exploring how concepts of citizenship are affected by globalization, this book argues that environmental pedagogues must teach critical environmental literacies in order for students to understand global environmental issues through the world’s diverse perspectives. Misiaszek analyses the ways environmental pedagogies can use aspects of critical global citizenship education to better understand how environmental issues are contextually experienced and understood by societies locally and globally through issues of globalization, colonialism, socio-economics, gender, race, ethnicities, nationalities, indigenous issues, and spiritualties.

Coming Out Spring 2023

Freire and Environmentalism: Ecopedagogy

in Bloomsbury’s short-length book series Freire In Focus

Series Editors: Greg William Misiaszek and Carlos Alberto Torres

The Palgrave Handbook on Critical Theories of Education

Editors: Ali A. Abdi & Greg William Misiaszek

Various chapters (in)directly on ecopedagogy including “Ecopedagogy: Critical Environmental Pedagogies to Disrupt Falsely Touted Sustainable Development” by Greg

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