Short-Length Book Series on Paulo Freire

a new, unique series from Bloomsbury Publishers

Series Editors
Greg William Misiaszek, Ph.D.
Carlos Alberto Torres, Ph.D.

This series of short-length books will provide readers a diverse range of Paulo Freire’s work and Freireans’ reinventions towards social justice both inside and outside education. Readers will not need any prior knowledge of his scholarship.

Length of Books: 25,000 – 35,000 words

Coming Out: 2022

Be an author?: email Greg

Longer Description

In 2021, we will celebrate 100 years of Paulo Freire’s birth, it is appropriate to launch a new series with practical applications and experiences in curriculum, instruction, theory, and praxis of Freire’s ideas, methods, political philosophy, and praxis.  The proposed short-length book series will be a unique take on Freire’s work, widening his audience and the subjects typically written upon.  Offering a wide range of subjects in numerous fields, the Series will grow to cover various aspects within and between various disciplinary fields, occupations, interests, and concerns that people have for our world and the overall planet.  The short books will introduce Freire’s work that will be written to be more easily understood by a wider audience without overly simplifying the depth of his scholarship.  Each book will be edited to make certain that previous knowledge of Freire or the education field will not be needed by readers, as many of them might be first-time readers of Freire’s work.  All complex theories and concepts will be explained through easy-to-understand descriptions within the text, as well as providing readers with references to other Freirean works.  The books’ key aspects will be thoroughly explained and contextualized through various examples targeted for a diverse readership to better understand the issues at hand.  As the Series grows in number, the books’ text will reference other book(s) in the Series for expanded reading on the topics, as well as other (non-)academic publications.  The Series will also have the depth to be used within higher education, adult education, and continuing education (including teacher education) curricula, with balanced depth and breadth in (trans)disciplinary studies and skills-based training.

Series Board Members

  • Ali Abdi, University of British Columbia
  • Marina Aparicio Barberán, Instituto Paulo Freire de España
  • Pep Aparicio Guadas, Instituto Paulo Freire de España
  • Michael Apple, Beijing Normal University, University of Wisconsin
  • Rima Apple, Beijing Normal University, University of Wisconsin
  • Ângela Antunes, Instituto Paulo Freire, São Paulo
  • N’Dri T. Assié-Lumumba, Cornell University
  • Oscar Azmitia Barranco, Instituto Paulo Freire de Colombia
  • Lesley Bartlett, University of Wisconsin
  • Kumari Beck, Simon Fraser University
  • Tina Besley, Beijing Normal University
  • ChenWei Chang, NTNU
  • Luiza Cortesão, Instituto Paulo Freire Portugal
  • Regina Cortina, Teachers College, Columbia University
  • José Cossa, Pennsylvania State University
  • Sonia Couto, Centro de Referência Paulo Freire
  • Eve Coxon, University of Auckland
  • Pedro Demo, Universidade de Brasília
  • Jason Dorio, UCLA; Paulo Freire Institute, UCLA
  • Anantha Kumar Duraiappah, Mahatma Gandhi Institute of Education for Peace and Sustainable Development, UNESCO
  • Liang Du, Beijing Normal University
  • Gerald Faschingeder, Paulo Freire Zentrum
  • Aslam Fataar, Stellenbosch University
  • Moacir Gadotti, Instituto Paulo Freire, São Paulo
  • Chitra Golestani Maghzi, Institute for Humane Education
  • Sandy Grande, University of Connecticut
  • Sondra Hale, UCLA
  • Anne Harley, South African Paulo Freire Institute
  • John Holst, Pennsylvania State University
  • Afzal Hossain, Indian Paulo Freire Institute
  • Zhicheng Huang, East China Normal University
  • Liz Jackson, Education University of Hong Kong
  • Petar Jandrić, Zagreb University of Applied Sciences
  • Tony Jenkins, International Institute on Peace Education
  • Aly Juma, Paulo Freire Institute, UCLA
  • Hyung Ryeol Kim, Seoul National University
  • Sophie Kotanyi, Paulo Freire Intitute Berlin, Internationalen Akademie
  • Peter Lownds, Paulo Freire Institute, UCLA
  • Sheila Macrine, University of Massachusetts, Dartmouth
  • Peter Mayo, University of Malta
  • Lauren Misiaszek, Beijing Normal University
  • Ernest Morrell, University of Notre Dame
  • Raymond Morrow, University of Alberta
  • Pedro Noguera, University of Southern California
  • Maria del Pilar O’Cadiz, UCLA
  • Irène Pereira, Instituto Paulo Freire, Paris; Université Paris Est Creteil
  • Michael Peters, Beijing Normal University
  • Adriana Puiggrós, former Secretary of Education, Argentina
  • Jevdet Rexhepi, Prince Mohammad Bin Fahd University
  • Saajidha Sader, University of KwaZulu Natal
  • Kabini Sanga, Victoria University Wellington
  • Ilse Schimpf Herken, Argentina (Instituto de Investigaciones Paulo Freire Rosario) 
  • Daniel Schugurensky, Arizona State University
  • Lynette Shultz, University of Alberta
  • Graham Hingangaroa Smith, Massey University (Te Kunenga Ki PŪrehuroa), University of New Zealand
  • Ana Steinbach Torres, UCLA, Federal University of Paraíba
  • Danilo Streck, Unisinos
  • Rebecca Tarlau, Pennsylvania State University
  • Massimiliano Tarozzi, University of Bologna; University College London, Institute of Education
  • António Teodoro, Universidade Lusófona de Humanidades e Tecnologias
  • Spyros Themelis, University Of East Anglia
  • Robert Tierney, University of British Columbia, Beijing Normal University
  • Richard van Heertum, New York Film Academy  Los Angeles
  • Yusef Waghid, Stellenbosch University
  • Shoko Yamada, Nagoya University
  • Sung Sang Yoo, Seoul National University

“Wish List” of Book Topics (not all-inclusive, we welcome new suggestions)

  • Philosophy of Paulo Freire
  • Sociology and Paulo Freire
  • Social Justice and Paulo Freire
  • Early education and Paulo Freire
  • Environmentalism and Paulo Freire
  • Teacher Education and Paulo Freire
  • Citizenship and Paulo Freire
  • Development, Economics and Sustainability – Paulo Freire
  • Cultural Studies and Paulo Freire
  • Literacy and Paulo Freire
  • Activism and Paulo Freire: Meaning engagement
  • Social Unrest and Paulo Freire
  • Distance Learning and Paulo Freire
  • Public Pedagogy and Paulo Freire: All we learn outside classrooms
  • Critical Internet Literacy and Paulo Freire
  • Sciences and Technologies – Paulo Freire
  • Leadership and Paulo Freire: Educational administration and beyond 
  • A Luta Continua, The Struggle Continues
  • Freirean lesson plans and classroom activities
  • Modern Freire: Stories from Freirean educators
  • Education in emergencies and Paulo Freire
  • Lesson plans and classroom activities: Freirean constructions